Hi! I'm Stacey. Father of two independent girls, ICON Team Leader, Investor, Builder, Serial Entrepreneur and future professional poker player... I flip houses in my sleep. I spent the better part of a decade with a traditional franchise brokerage that I loved. So much in fact, I even served as the Team Leader of the Market Center and spent years on the Agent Leadership Council. However, I watched as franchise owners of our brokerage across the country started selling their ownership and moving over to a new real estate platform called eXp Realty. Success leaves clues, and it was obvious that this company was worth my attention.

I moved my business to eXp Realty in 2019 with the singular goal of providing additional value to my traditional real estate team. Our team would run on an innovative platform: a virtual brokerage, without borders, that could operate anywhere in the world with a wireless connection. A platform where agents are the owners.

Over the course of the following year, we locked arms with some of the top agents from around the country, each adding their unique value and pouring into this community. Friendships were born, relationships were built, something so pure and magical unfolded. When every agent is an owner, it means we are invested in each other's success, which translates to the overall company's success. It became clear this is the modern day brokerage model.

Leveraging my experience as a broker, team leader, ICON agent, and entrepreneur to help other agents build businesses worth having has been the highlight of my career. I've seen agents triple their income, build their investment portfolio, and create revenue streams larger than their wildest dreams. This community we built inside of the eXp platform has changed the future for myself and my family, and it's been a gift to lead other agents down the same path.

"We are invested in
 each other's success...this is the modern day brokerage model."

stacey wyatt offers leadership not only in real estate fundamentals but also in teaching agents how to run their business like a business and build wealth along the way.
however, the beauty of the modern agent has been seeing agents share their own super powers with our community for the greater good. 
if there's anything the culture of exp has taught us over the years, it is that we are

stronger together.

we aligned our visions, combined our strengths, and created a community where we can coach the
"whole agent."
It's a community where  collaboration trumps competition. Where all agents get to bring their superpowers to the table. a community where we learn from each other and help each other grow. a community where we are building a path to wealth for ourselves and our families that will impact generations. we refer to this as our modern real estate team, and thus,
the modern agent was  born.