There's a reason eXp Realty is the fastest growing real estate brokerage on the planet right now. Over two thousand agents a month are learning that a brokerage model who allows agents to be owners, creates environments for collaboration, and offers the best technology to equip agents for success is worth serious consideration.
Let's take a look at the model...

why eXP?

Cheers, to your future!

1. Transactions

The level of collaboration you'll receive at eXp will have you blowing your business goals out of the water before you can catch your breath. 

A generous 80/20 broker split caps at $16,000,
but you can earn that entire cap back for a 100%+ agent split.

Additional fees: 
- startup: $149
- monthly fee: $85
-  transaction fee after cap:
 $250 for first 20, then $75
- E&O: $40/transaction 
(caps at $500)
- Broker review: $25/transaction 

2. stock options

Do you own a part of your current brokerage?

When you sell your first house at eXp, you become a shareholder of the company. 

There are opportunities to earn stock at various milestones, buy it at a discount with your commission, and even earn your entire $16,000 cap back in stock for selling 20 homes after you cap.

3. revenue share

What is your exit strategy from real estate? Or, do you plan to show houses on nights and weekends until you're dearly departed? 

eXp gives agents the opportunity to make passive income by sharing the opportunity with other agents, and then helping them grow their businesses
as well.

A retirement plan funded by helping others succeed?
That's what I'm talking about.

Multiple Revenue Streams 

" this group has spurred me on to be my best self and best agent possible. I for sure wouldn’t be where I am in my career without it! So thankful!"

- jessica m.

"it's hard to understand how different this brokerage is until you're a part of it. partnering with agents who want to see you win changes the game."

- jorge m. 

"eXp & The Modern Agent have brought me friendship within this business and opened my mind to endless possibilities." this career has to offer!

- taylor h.

Are you a new agent who needs a step by step plan to get started building your business? Or, are you an experienced agent who wants to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy but don't know where to begin? No matter where you are in your business or what you're looking for, you're bound to find it in the 60 hours per week of live training offered in the eXp cloud. 

live virtual Offerings

Forget having to earn your way into a top 100 group to mastermind with the best in business. By joining the Modern Agent network, you get direct access to Daniel Beer & Kyle Whissel, who together are on track to hit just under $1B in volume this year. Every Monday, they open up their playbooks and pour value out onto the agents in our group. I have a firm "never miss a Monday" rule around here, as their value at any other company would be worth thousands of dollars a month in coaching but is ours for free!

fast forward movement mastermind

Ready to go digital door-knocking and light up your lead funnel? Or, is a traditional approach more your style? The best thing about this group is that all of our partner agents bring their own strengths and superpowers to the table, and each week we connect on zoom to serve up innovative ways to level up each other's business. It's collaboration over competition in its purist form.

While eXp has amazing training for new agents, the Modern Agent group has a new agent trainer exclusively for our group! Kickstart your career in this industry by aligning yourself with a group who will train you by teaching you where the industry is going, not where it was 20 years ago. You'll thank us later!

modern agent mastermind

Training & Growth Opportunities


Whether you are a seasoned team leader or a brand new agent to the biz, eXp is the most exciting place to be right now. With 2,000+ agents moving their business to eXp every month, it's become the fastest growing brokerage in the nation. 

- Need advice on how to set up your CRM?
- Interested in weekly coaching calls with a team of like-minded, modern, agents, who will collaborate and help you grow? 

YEP! Tell me more!